Jimmi Accardi

Jimmi Accardi is an artist of many different media
and styles. He is both versatile and prolific. His
large collection of works includes acrylics,
charcoals, pastels, watercolors, and more.
He has incorporated some of his images
into music videos. He is interested in combining
images and sounds to produce a variety of moods.

In his own words, "Art is the magical language
that transcends all communication barriers."

    Thinking of You CD

    THINKING OUT LOUD - I was writing a song today, then I recorded it and handed
    the CD to someone to hear. The CD exists in the physical world. You can see it,
    touch it, play it, listen to it, etc. Yet the CD itself is a product of what created it,
    not a living thing. The CD is not the reality - just a medium / form for expressing /
    transmitting communication and mood through sound. What's more real is what
    created it. Yes, there is evidence of a song on the CD so it implies that someone
    made that music. The place that music comes from - the moment of creation - can
    not be shown or proved - it's invisible. Yet it exists or we'd have no CDs to listen to.
    What's more real then? The CD or what created the music on it? The CD is a dead thing. What created it is a living thing which continues to create more music.
    The CD is the closest we can get to an artist's work but it is NOT his work.